The human cost automation revolution of the game is no less than the industrial revolution

  Abstract: a large number of robot is on the problem of employment have a bad image is automatically generated with the new concerns, more and more popular after but there is no denying that in their view, the current automation technology is comparable to the agricultural technology revolution in the past century.


  The face of the robot corps, our hands will be a robot instead?


  "Don't just see the robot grab the jobs, don't forget that it will create new jobs, such as robot production of R & D personnel, maintenance engineers. Society is not respect technology and labor, but the demand for the technology will be higher." said Chen Song. The single from the data, a lot of people use the machine indeed cause some adverse effects on the employment problem, but for the world's most famous German manufacturing countries seems to be not so applicable.


  The International Federation of robotics recently released a "positive impact on employment of industrial robots" of the latest research, the study found that industrial robots create more than 2 million jobs in the next 8 years. The productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises is a factor in the global market, the success of the indispensable, and robots and automation is the key to solve the problem. Because of robotics and automation, some reduced workload, but they also create more job opportunities. In the extensive use of industrial robots, robot production line daily maintenance, repair and other aspects of the various needs of the professional personnel to deal with, which virtually led to a large number of robots and related ways of employment.


  In their view, the current automation technology is comparable to the agricultural technology revolution of the last century, the revolution in American agricultural employment accounted for 40% of the total population from the original down to today's 2%. in manufacturing heyday, about 1/3 of Americans from the manufacturing industry, and now less than 10%. if the machine can be compressed to half of human labor, it may not be reduced to half of the labor force surplus, but reduce half of the working time.


  In "I, robot" in the story, after always hostile to the robot detective Spooner had installed a metal arm and robot can fight, and "hacker empire > Robinho only Superman can beat Smith. Even the sentiment, NS5 model robot dreams, by computer program control to be recycled, silent waiting for thorough cleaning and rebirth. The power of endless metal body under the undercurrents, human robot wrestling has just begun.