Guangdong robot system integrators four major organizations to take shape

  First, the status quo of China's system integrators
  1 major domestic and foreign counterparts in the scale of revenue comparison
  The foreign system integrators because focusing on the robot penetration rate is high, and the integrated demand system of the largest automobile industry, usually have long-term cooperation with the automobile manufacturers, revenue size can do is close to 10 billion. The Comau as an example, the China customers are mainly automotive enterprises, not only foreign car customers, including Changan, Chery and JAC and other domestic customers. The domestic integrated enterprises and foreign counterparts compared to shorter development time, but also in the automotive field usually compete with foreign integrators, therefore, relatively small lot.
  2 Comparison of major domestic and foreign enterprises
  Foreign large system integrators usually has a strong competitive advantage in a process, for example, Toure has a very strong competitive advantage in the automobile coating production line integration. Of course, Toure has also developed the system integration business outside, such as cleaning and filtering system.
  The domestic system integration enterprise usually is not confined to a process, but mainly focus on a particular industry. Only the strongest integration capabilities of SIASUN, can cross a lot of orders in automotive industry get other industries, of course, in addition to SIASUN system integration business, logistics and warehousing and a set of equipment and transportation automation systems and other services. In the diversified. SIASUN and Toure are similar.
  3 comparative advantages of domestic system integrators
  However, in the face of strong competition from foreign enterprises, the domestic system integrators have many advantages, such as channel advantage, price advantage, engineer bonus and so on
Three, the development characteristics and trends of domestic system integrators.